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The Champions League may meet six eight-digit players on Tuesday

On Tuesday’s fourth round of the Champions League round, six teams can advance to the eighth round in advance. Instead, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, ​​Paris St. Germain, Naples, Atlético Madrid and Arsenal.

The easiest way to the eight-finals is in the C Barcelona team, which is enough to score against Manchester City. The Catalan team still has a 100% match in the Champions League, and so is the match with an English opponent that he defeated in each of the five previous matches. In addition, a 11: 2 score.

Manchester City finished the six-time series without a victory over the weekend, including a 0-4 draw with Barcelona.And coach Pep Guardiola, who in the past led the Spanish club to 14 trophies, believes that the confidence gained by the team in the fight for the Champions League group will help.

„Because of the heads we needed to win because Is failing, so for every next game you lose a piece of self-confidence, „said Guardiola. „That’s what we did, even if we were playing well, and when you lose and start talking about what’s going on, it just seems like you’re excusing something,” he added.


Near to the eight-finals in Group D and Atlético, they need to beat the newcomer Rostov and do not have to look for other results. The Spanish club has not lost a point in the Champions League and has not scored a goal.The coaches of coach Diego Simeone have won all matches 1: 0.

If the Madrid team did not lose, Bayern Munich could also be promoted to PSV Eindhoven. „But we’d like to win both of the following matches so we can get the first place with Atlétic in the last round, so it all depends on us,” quoted Bayern Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, DPA, P>

In Group A, the procedure can celebrate Arsenal with Paris St. Germain. If one of them wins and the other draws at least, they will tie together the eight-finals.The London vedonlyöntitarjoukset team will start in Bulgaria vedonlyönti android against Razgrad, while the Paris club will be presented in Basel, where the Czech representatives Tomáš Vaclík and Mark Suchý are working. Naples will move to Besiktas in the eight-finals, but the Italian team still needs a second game Group B between Benfica Lisbon and Dynamo Kiev has ended with a draw.

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Pilsen will defend first place against Brno, Boleslav is waiting for Slavia

At the weekend’s 15th round of the first league, Pilsen will head against Brno in front of Brno to defend the two-point lead ahead of the table. The second Zlin hosts Dukla, the third Slavia will call the fourth Mlada Boleslav and fifth Sparta will be introduced to the playground of the new Hradec Králové.

Pilsen after Thursday’s 1/4 loss with AS Roma can no longer move from the European League group Concentrate only on the highest competition. „We were playing out and with a high-quality club, the league is about something else, we have to deal mainly with positive things and what we’ve done,” said Coach Roman Pivarnik.

I> „Now we go back to pressure football and I believe that we will have the chance to create ourselves. No opponent is light, it is also true for Brno.We have to be consistent, it’s mainly about us, „he adds to Sunday’s 13th Armored match duel.

Zlin is ahead of Saturday’s match with Dukel’s favorite because he has won three times in a row and 27 goals have the best attack The fourteen Prague players are worried, they have only scored two points in the last six rounds and scored three goals. „While Dukla moves on the opposite pole, it is definitely not an easy match. The opponent has in his cadre experienced players who, despite the defeat, showed their qualities in the last matches with Slavia and Pilsen, which they have suffered a lot, „said coach Zlín Bohumil Páník. Slavia wants to finish at home Saturday Long waiting to win over Boleslav.In the highest competition, it beat the Central Bohemian team for the last time before 11 games in July 2010.

„There are two points behind us in the table so they have a great motivation to make the match uncomfortable and eventually get ahead of us. We are also very motivated to handle the last match of the autumn in front of the home audience, „stated coach Slavia Jaroslav Šilhavý.

Sparta is euphoric to Pilsen because after a 1-0 win over Southampton, The League has made progress in the play off. On Sunday, however, he needs to improve the outdoor league form. Letenni on the opponent’s court did not win in the last four matches.”Hradec had a series of six games without a win, so he changed the layout and started playing from the block to fast counterattacks. They have a very fast backup, these boys do it „He is a dangerous opponent,” said Sparta Stanislav Hejkal, a coach of the Sparta.

Last Příbram in Saturday’s rescue duel will welcome Jihlava and if he wins, he will replace Vysočina in the penultimate place . Eleventh Liberec wants to make a 3-0 victory against Karabakh on Sunday at its stadium against the 12th Slovácko.

The eighth Jablonec last played Liberec 3-0 and on Saturday he will face another North Bohemian opponent, Teplice. This is the sixth position.The ninth newcomer to Karvina also hosts the seventh Bohemians 1905 on Saturday.

Winner of the Champions League Lokomotiv Novosibirsk, second title for Diviša

OMSK – New champions in the Lige championship have become volleyball players of Lokomotiv Novosibirsk, whose shirt is dressed by Slovak national squire Lukáš Diviš.Novosibirsk in the final Four Final in Omsk won 3: 2 against Cuneom in Italy and was the first time in history to win the first prize in the most prestigious cup.

vodic kroz internet kladjenje class> -divis-346171.jpg „title =” Lokomotiv Novosibirsk players „alt =” Lokomotiv Novosibirsk players „height =” 86 „/> klađenje uživo na tenis Richard Diviš (2) contributed to the valuable triumph „alt = = „86” />
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  •  Richard Divis (2) contributed to the valuable triumph Žilinian native Diviš won the Champions League for the second time in his career and again triumphed on Russian soil.In 2007 he won this prestigious competition as a German Friedrichshafen player at the final tournament in Moscow. Diviš then became the best player in the final tournament.
  • The final has had a double Slovak participation because the jersey of Cunea is played by the Emanuel rooster. The 30-year-old native of Bratislava won the silver medal in his Champions League Premier Season.

    The Russian club Zenit Kazan won the 3 rd place of the Polish club Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle

    Bre Banca Cuneo – Lokomotiv Novosibirsk 2: 3 (22, -24, -23, 20, -14)

    132 minutes, 5400 viewers

    O 3.Zenit Kazan (Russia) – Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle (Poland) 3: 1 (22, -22, 20, 17)
    102 minutes, 5300 viewers

    Piestany used the home environment, the Poprad season ends

    PIEŠŤANY – Both teams entered the match with maximum focus. Only in the 12th minute he had the opportunity to open the Saliji score, but Masalskis had his shot from the intersection. In 15 minutes, the home team caught up with a hard shot of Skadar from the blue line flowing just ahead of goalkeeper Hamrak – 1: 0.

    At the beginning of the second part, there was a big chance to increase Lušňák’s lead, but Masalskis did not stop. In the 30th minute he found himself before Šulek Lapšanský, but he failed.Podtatranci tried to change the status of the meeting, but the home team had a good defense of the defensive and the midfield, so in the second part the goal did not fall.

    In the third third, the home was focused on defending. In 50 minutes, the goalie Pišťan shattered Sýkora. In the 52nd minute, the home players had the advantage of a power play, after Melicharka’s co-operation with Nemcom scored Mišura – 2: 0. Poprad in the 56th minute called from the goal Masalskis, but the turn of the meeting did not work, home Lušňák adjusted to the final 3: 0 to the abandoned sanctuary. Domestic ravens won in the 4: 1 series and moved to the semifinals.

    Goals: 15. Hamrak (Škadra, Stupka), 53. Mišura (Nemec, Melichárek), 57.Lušňák (Melichárek, Peško). They decided: Jonák, Mullner – Tvrdoň, Trip, exclusion: 2: 3, in addition Kroták (Poprad) to 10 + DKZ for unsportsmanlike behavior, power play: 1: 0, weakness: 0: 0 > ŠHK 37 Piešťany: Šúrek – Filip, Drgoň, Brňák, Rais, Bučák, Skadra, Cuník, Biro – Lušňák, Peško, Saliji – Nemec, Mišura, Melichárek –

    Roman Sýkora (Assistant to Coach Piešťan): „We wanted to make it today, we expected the pressure of Poprad, but in the first third we were lucky but I think from the second third we were a better team, and the breakthrough moment was definitely used to play the game, the third goal was just the cherry on the cake.I would like to thank the guys as they did a good defensive performance in the fourth match and did not even once again. We are looking forward to the semifinals. „

    Milan Jančuška (coach of Poprad): ” Even today we knew that a good defensive play from Piešťany . We wanted to find a path to the goal, which we did not succeed at last. The decisive games in my game were also in my game. We did not use ours even though we had some good chances in them. On the contrary, the home side scored a crucial second goal, which put us on his knees. I am very disappointed, but I have to admit that we did not have the optimal form in the key part of the season. We have not scored a goal in the last two games so we can not win or pass.Congratulations to your opponent for progress. „