A week ago he became a father, against Sparta wants Long to celebrate progress

Last week became a father for the third time, and on Thursday the striker Shane Long for a happy time like to follow procedure to the knockout stage of the European League. However, according to the Letna it expects Southampton footballer not easy, because Sparta is now a completely different team than when in September the group lost at home in England 0: 3rd

„It’s hard at that moment to leave the family. But a few days I was with my son and I enjoy it as much as I can,” he said at a press conference, Long. „I’m lucky that my wife knows what is needed so the son at night I do not, I was fresh. Have him but hanging in the morning to feed,” he added.

Long became a father for the third time, besides newborn son Jax also has a daughter Teigan and Erin. „The first kid I’ve had in 23 years, so I’m used to it. But the best is that you can return to the family and with them you can forget about football and all the worries,” added the Irish national team.

Southampton in the opening group game against Sparta seamlessly advised 3: 0 and letenský whole time did not look like quarter-finalists last year’s European League or adept at the procedure. Then, however, Sparta defeated Inter Milan 3: 1, and two laps to lead the table by two points ahead of the English club.

„It’s a completely different team than in the first match. The victory gave them confidence and for us it will be a tough test,” he said Long. „But I believe we have to win. So I see no reason why we can not win both remaining matches and advance from the first place,” he added.