Bystrica defeated in the third round Nitra 6: 4, four goals scored Kafka

Banska Bystrica. In the third semifinal playoff match La Liga HC’05 Banská Bystrica defeated HK Nitra 6: 4 and reduce state wrestling series at 1: 2nd HC’O5 B. Bystrica – HC Bratislava 6: 4 (2: 1, 2: 2, 2: 1)

Rozhodcovia Kubuš, Lauff – M. Korba, Rovenský, excluding 2: 3, 2 power play 0, shorthanded 0: 0, 2 850 spectators. Status of series 1 second

A great atmosphere in the stadium both teams roused to great militancy.Especially domestic, which for family reasons was missing captain Martin Hudec and certain distance, they needed such as salt, a defeat that would have zabalancovala with them over the precipice, can not admit, and perhaps because home mastered excellently.

The hero of the match Kafka cast up Vink after just 75 seconds when he was defense guests criminally between the circles odsabotovala, and opened a brilliant account of the match.

The first and the second period was downright Kafka, in 13 minutes you could see that the next time he indulged in the power play and happiness, and vice versa, Kristan enjoyed unlucky with recalcitrant puck that he fell into the net. Nitrania too Kalemba in the goal endanger, in 7 minutes on it foundered Stümpel J. Ručkay shortly goal just wide.Segľa until the 19th minute skillfully encircles goal and slid the puck into the net.

After the break, enjoyed a perfect moment of glory Kafka in 22 minutes again on the power play surprise Cristannus and his hat-trick embellished and some baseball caps on ice. Even if no one knew that yet say the last word in the 28th minute again repeatedly hit in the raid in the left Vink and drove Cristannus the goal. Above the nitrile is zmrákalo, the chance is not used as the 30 minutes of power play J. Ručkay which the water to the mill power’baranov’ truly inspirational.

After 36 min, however, he found Tománek front of the net past the free LNovak, Nitrania reduced to a difference of two goals and vykresali can still hope for a turnaround, all the more so when 23 seconds before the horn J. Ručkay in the crush directed the puck into the goal by Milo.

The third period started domestic power play and a great opportunity Handlovská, but the puck well before emptying gate missed, so I had to wait for a goal in 43 minutes. The renumbering not waste Lunter beautiful pass Ziga, only pity for’baranov’ that about a half minutes later Lelkeš ago wickets again fell to the difference in the game.

After 47 min M. Novák had a hockey stick equalizing goal, and Tomanek power play at 52 and two minutes later.At the very end they have home viewers vytlieskali victory power play yet minute before the end turned out accident-prone a Matoušek hit 53 seconds before conclusions empty net.