Cibulkova: not over yet, the celebration will be at home to

„Yes, definitely. But even in it it can be many things to improve. So far, my American series of tournaments struggling. US Open is a breakthrough. Finally paid drudgery of training. „

” It is state 2: 4 and 0:40 in the first set seemed to me extremely important. Gem I still saved and soon I turned to 5: 4. Similarly, in the second Sete I was losing 1: 3rd Svetlana played at the beginning sets very aggressive, but when a little permitted once I used my chance. ”

„In the second set the score 5: 3 and 40:15, I missed the first two mečbaly. Then truly it was not easy to stand on the court. I too was aware of what I can achieve. I got nervous. But I got over it and conclude tajbrejku I have already mastered.I for myself proud. „

” Yes. I knew that I had to play actively. Print it out forehand off. I went after Shaman in court, were based on my returns. Focused I was on my game, not the súperkinu. ”

„And how. It’s been my traditional fan club, go to every game. US Open I played for the first time on Center Court, and support from the stands I vlievala forces. Their chants then tore the other spectators. „

” Yes. Before me pobolievala Achilles, now said hip. The pain expel my thigh, so I sought a physiotherapist.He helped me, but after the game I had a stiff leg and again I had to go after him. „

” not over yet. They are to return home. ”

„Only on TV during massages. I did not care which one will be my aug. I have both defeated in the quarterfinals and also go to court with the fact that I want to win. I am happy that I was taken off the US Open. From the 2nd round of meetings with a Ukrainian Bondarenko, when I turned five mečbalov, my confidence is growing from match to match. „

” I thought about it. I wanted to show the boys: this is played against the Russians! Hope I found me to follow. I’ll keep my fingers crossed them. „