Dances at the European Championship were dominated by Russians Bobrov and Soloviov, Slovakian couple 17.

ZAHRAB – Russians Yekaterina Bobrovová and Dmitry Soloviov became croatian Zagreb champions of ice dances in Europe.

At the Croatian continental championship, Alexander Zulin’s compatriots, Jelen Ilinychova, and Nikito Kacalapa won 11 points.Bronze fought Italians Anna Cappellini with Luko Lanotto.

 Three Best Dance Pairs

  •  Jekaterina Bobrovova and Dmitri Soloviov
  • Jekaterina Bobrovova and Dmitri Soloviov
  •  Jekaterina Bobrovova and Dmitri Soloviov
  • like their rivals Bobrov and Solovi, but in short with the tanks it was not enough for the title.

    Defenders Nathalie Pechalato and Fabiana Bourzata from France enjoyed Bobrovova and Solovi, who led after the first part of the competition.Moskovcans have always been silver in the past two years. Bobrov and Solovi have won one of the brightest differences in the history of the European Ice Dance Championships.

    The Slovak representatives Federica Testová and Lukáš Csölley won the 17th place at the European Championship. They got 114.62 points for their Zagreb performance, and instead of a short dance, Robert Pelizzol’s winners in the overall overall results improved two places.

    Dance: Jekaterina Bobrovova, Dmitri Soloviov (Rus) 169,25, 2. Jelena Ilinychová, Nikita Kacalapov (Rus.) 169,14, 3. Anna Cappellini, Luca Lanotte (Tal.) 165,80, 4. Jekaterina Riazanovova, Ilya Tkachenko (Russian) 157.77, 5. Penny Coomes, Nicholas Buckland (V. Brit.) 152.95, 6.Nelli Zhiganshin, Alexander Gazsi (DE) 147.28,…17. Federica Testová, Lukáš Csölley (SR) 114.62