Eto’o threatens to ten years in prison for tax fraud in Barcelona

The Spanish state prosecutor requested a prison sentence of 10 years and six months for striker Samuel Eto’o for tax fraud from the time of his work in Barcelona. In addition, thirty-five Cameroonian should pay a fine, penalty and surcharge on arrears totaling 18 million euros.

According to authorities, Eto’o and his former agent Josep Maria Mesalles, for which the prosecutor’s office, the same punishment, prepared during the past three years footballer’s action at Camp Nou tax office of 3.8 million euros. Eto’o played for Barcelona in 2004-2009.

Contemporary Turkish Antalyaspor player and his manager are suspected of having transferred footballer’s personal rights to another company in Spain and Hungary in an attempt to avoid paying taxes on lucrative sponsorship contracts, which had Eto’o, for example, with the firm Puma.

The action against Eto’o in the case of tax evasion was first raised in 2012. Unlike other players Barcelona’s Cameroonian striker missing taxes never nedoplatil.

Big problems with the authorities was the biggest star of Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi, who was sentenced in July this year along with his father 21 months suspended imprisonment for tax fraud. Messi compatriot Javier Mascherano got a year probation. In June, the club again had to pay a fine of 5.8 million euros for tax irregularities in the transfer of striker Neymar from Santos.