Federer recalled the tennis he reigned with

BRATISLAVA. The fans at the O2 Arena in London have been experiencing a moment they have recently believed few. The fact that Roger Federer beat the Rafael Nadal champions’ tournament would not be as surprising as he did not play with him in his life. Federer vs. Nadal Nadal is clearly dominating the overall balance when he won 17 of 26 matches. The hall, however, belongs to Federer, when Spaniol has won four duels. They all played at the Championship. The Swiss champion won the tournament in the last eight years five times.If he wins the sixth time, he will become the absolute recorder.

Surprisingly, the form was the way it did. Spain’s left-wing swim on the court and after a 6: 3, 6: 0 event, he can celebrate premature victory in the group and progress to the semi-final of the tournament.

A similar result was overtaken by Nadal four years ago at the Shanghai Tournament when he won 6: 4 and 6: 1. Federer did not make mistakes

The Swiss dominated the courts in everything. He has 54 out of 81 possible points. Especially admirable was his play from bekhed, which in recent years was his biggest weakness.

Nadal drel, behal, but Federer has always had the answer to his lifted forhends.The baton triafal quickly after the fall and eliminated the Spanish fast legs.

„The score is true, Roger was good for me nowadays,” the Mallorcan recognized for the official page of the tournament.

„When playing this way, you need to earn points for your own submission, otherwise you do not have a chance. My easy points in the service were very lacking. „

” I was able to do what I had hoped for before the game, dominating the base line. Rafa may not have played the best, but I also have to add that the faster the court is, the better I am, especially in the lobby, „Federer said.A thirty-year-old native of Basel reduced his balance to 9:17 and his 13-year-old halved match was already on for thirteen winning matches.

„Sometimes you can not get into the game and you have to face the debacle as I experienced against Rafa on Roland Garros,” concluded the five-time winner of the Independent Champions Tournament. Nadal will not give up

Despite Nadal’s disappointment of the loss and stomach problem that struck him in the first match against Mardy Fish, Nadal will not surrender and will continue to play in the tournament. „It’s not the time to say the word.I’m still on the tournament and I have a real chance to go, and I’m doing it, „Nadal continued.

In the last match of the group today will meet in the semifinals tournament with JoWilfried Tsong.

Spaniard also admitted that he had some problems with his shoulder, but added that he did not want to go for something.

„In the morning, I was raking my shoulder and I could not really train, but I felt great in the game,” he told the Daily Telegraph.