Happy Spotak after the record: Broken leg is history

Opponents Barbora Spotakova must be afraid again. The world record-maker in a javelin throw was able to return to her leg fracture and did not even think she had run for three months. At the Championship of the Republic of Tábor, the world championship leader was the leader of the world championships in Amsterdam and the Rio games, where he can attack the third Olympic gold in a row. Spotakova threw this year’s maximum in the first attempt, then it did not improve even though she had to throw another 63 meters in the fifth series. „Broken leg is history.I did not know her at all, I can believe it, „she said.

Before today’s competition, she had only one training session, starting from the start of this year.” I did not like it, but I had some rest before the races To see it. When it gets a little more, it will be even better. „

Her opponents have to count again with Spotakova again.” I think they saw reserves when I was walking in Rome, „said Spaghetti Diamant League before „In the past few days, she often looked at the feast of his former coach, Jan Železný, who celebrated fifty.” Maybe it was that, too, „she smiled In the past, he looked a lot from his technique: „I’ve been studying it, it’s possible.I have not experienced the feeling of javelin leaving my hand for a long time and flying like it is, „she said.

The home championship enjoyed a good atmosphere and the competition did not hurt the fact that the flippers crossed the sector with the sticks Spatakova even cared for one of the sticks when her nose blew. „This crossing did not bother anyone, we helped,” she said.

Now she is waiting for her to defend the gold medal at the ME and Rio, at the Continental Championship But he does not think in Amsterdam. „The goal is Rio. At ME I will go to try the qualification system and the final.Of course, I always want to win, but this is not the main thing this year, „she said.

She will be in Amsterdam for 35 years.” I also missed the third attempt tonight. I told the judge that I was so tired that I was tired and I omitted, so she laughed, „Spotakova was laughing.