Kreuziger was 13 seconds from seventh: Nibali said he would not help me

DIRECT FROM FRANCE Satisfaction with his tenth placement, great gratitude to Peter Sagan, and the compelling doubt that he could finish the Tour de France even better, felt Czech cyclist Roman Kreuziger at the finish of the 20th stage in Morzine. „When I see how little I miss to be the seventh overall, I’m so sorry. But I may see it in a few days, „he said honestly. From the seventh straight he divides him only thirteen seconds!

In the last alpine stadium, Roman Kreuziger played a great game. He picked up the initiative, staring at the pace with Peter Sagan, rushing in the rain. The Tour de France will be the tenth.

„I knew I had to fight for the top ten.And I was there, „he said.

At the stage you got into a leak, which was the basis you wanted. What’s next?
„Thank Peter (Sagan) for what he did. On Colombier he almost fired me, he was like an animal. He was very proud of the group working because it did not want a lot of people to pull. He just climbed there, and the pace was almost over. So great thanks to him. „

Are you helping each other automatically? You contributed a lot to the yellow jersey at the beginning of the Tour.
„Sure. After Peter, nobody wanted anything, but he’s a team mate. If it can, it will help. It was visible in the past stages with Rafa (Majka) and today with me.It’s always an advantage to have him on the team. „

Are you satisfied with your performance?
” Eventually I jumped to dozens, which of course I enjoy. While on the other hand, seeing how little I lacked to be the seventh, I’m so sorry. „

In the last hill, When I started going, I did not want to make the mistake I made in the past few days that I would go over the total edge. I tried to get people on the front for a moment, but I did not see it. So I rather enjoyed myself and I believed I might be back in the downhill.Unfortunately, from the Col du Joux Plane (the last mountain bonus of the day and the race), I made the first two turns badly, and as I was tired, I went all wrong. Unfortunately, I did not find any time anymore, I lost such confidence. But I think we tried the best we could, we were not afraid and the ten came out. Unfortunately it’s so cracked that the 7th place is so close, but that’s the way it is. „

Was it difficult to get into a leak that others might not want you to leave? >
„I was there from the beginning, then Peter came and started to pull a moment.There was a lot of people in the first hill to go, there were De Gendt and others – and then it reached out. „