Kreuziger was 13 seconds from seventh: Nibali said he would not help me

DIRECT FROM FRANCE Satisfaction with his tenth placement, great gratitude to Peter Sagan, and the compelling doubt that he could finish the Tour de France even better, felt Czech cyclist Roman Kreuziger at the finish of the 20th stage in Morzine. „When I see how little I miss to be the seventh overall, I’m so sorry. But I may see it in a few days, „he said honestly. From the seventh straight he divides him only thirteen seconds!

In the last alpine stadium, Roman Kreuziger played a great game. He picked up the initiative, staring at the pace with Peter Sagan, rushing in the rain. The Tour de France will be the tenth.

„I knew I had to fight for the top ten.And I was there, „he said.

At the stage you got into a leak, which was the basis you wanted. What’s next?
„Thank Peter (Sagan) for what he did. On Colombier he almost fired me, he was like an animal. He was very proud of the group working because it did not want a lot of people to pull. He just climbed there, and the pace was almost over. So great thanks to him. „

Are you helping each other automatically? You contributed a lot to the yellow jersey at the beginning of the Tour.
„Sure. After Peter, nobody wanted anything, but he’s a team mate. If it can, it will help. It was visible in the past stages with Rafa (Majka) and today with me.It’s always an advantage to have him on the team. „

Are you satisfied with your performance?
” Eventually I jumped to dozens, which of course I enjoy. While on the other hand, seeing how little I lacked to be the seventh, I’m so sorry. „

In the last hill, When I started going, I did not want to make the mistake I made in the past few days that I would go over the total edge. I tried to get people on the front for a moment, but I did not see it. So I rather enjoyed myself and I believed I might be back in the downhill.Unfortunately, from the Col du Joux Plane (the last mountain bonus of the day and the race), I made the first two turns badly, and as I was tired, I went all wrong. Unfortunately, I did not find any time anymore, I lost such confidence. But I think we tried the best we could, we were not afraid and the ten came out. Unfortunately it’s so cracked that the 7th place is so close, but that’s the way it is. „

Was it difficult to get into a leak that others might not want you to leave? >
„I was there from the beginning, then Peter came and started to pull a moment.There was a lot of people in the first hill to go, there were De Gendt and others – and then it reached out. „

Cibulkova: not over yet, the celebration will be at home to

„Yes, definitely. But even in it it can be many things to improve. So far, my American series of tournaments struggling. US Open is a breakthrough. Finally paid drudgery of training. „

” It is state 2: 4 and 0:40 in the first set seemed to me extremely important. Gem I still saved and soon I turned to 5: 4. Similarly, in the second Sete I was losing 1: 3rd Svetlana played at the beginning sets very aggressive, but when a little permitted once I used my chance. ”

„In the second set the score 5: 3 and 40:15, I missed the first two mečbaly. Then truly it was not easy to stand on the court. I too was aware of what I can achieve. I got nervous. But I got over it and conclude tajbrejku I have already mastered.I for myself proud. „

” Yes. I knew that I had to play actively. Print it out forehand off. I went after Shaman in court, were based on my returns. Focused I was on my game, not the súperkinu. ”

„And how. It’s been my traditional fan club, go to every game. US Open I played for the first time on Center Court, and support from the stands I vlievala forces. Their chants then tore the other spectators. „

” Yes. Before me pobolievala Achilles, now said hip. The pain expel my thigh, so I sought a physiotherapist.He helped me, but after the game I had a stiff leg and again I had to go after him. „

” not over yet. They are to return home. ”

„Only on TV during massages. I did not care which one will be my aug. I have both defeated in the quarterfinals and also go to court with the fact that I want to win. I am happy that I was taken off the US Open. From the 2nd round of meetings with a Ukrainian Bondarenko, when I turned five mečbalov, my confidence is growing from match to match. „

” I thought about it. I wanted to show the boys: this is played against the Russians! Hope I found me to follow. I’ll keep my fingers crossed them. „

Slováci v zahraničí – Gól Michala Breznaníka

Sampdoria Janov – Parma 2: 2 – David Ivan (Sampdoria) nehrál. Pavol Bajza ani Lukáš Haraslín (oba Parma) nenastoupili.

Sassuolo – FC Janov 3: 1 – Juraj Kucka (Janov) odehrál celý duel.

Neapol – Lazio Řím 2: 4 – Marek Hamšík (Neapol) odehrál celý zápas. ČESKO

Brno – Jablonec 2: 3 – Fabián Slančík nehrál, Miroslav Keresteš a Kamil Kopúnek odehráli celý zápas, Tomáš Brigant (všichni Brno) hrál od 78. min. Ján Greguš (Jablonec) odehrál celý duel.

Liberec – České Budějovice 5: 1 – Patrik Lukáč odchytal celý duel, Marek Bakoš hrál do 86. min, Michal Breznaník absolvoval celý duel a skóroval, Michal Obročník, Tomáš Ďubek a Lukáš Hroššo (všichni Liberec) nehráli .Jaroslav Machovec, Martin Chrien a Matej Podstavek (všichni České Budějovice) nehráli.

Mladá Boleslav – Jihlava 3: 0 – Michal Ďuriš (Mladá Boleslav) hrál do 70. min. Peter Šulek hrál do 81. min, Vladimír Kukoľ (oba Jihlava) absolvoval celý duel.

Baník Ostrava – Dukla Praha 1: 1 – Patrik Mišák (Ostrava) hrál od 59. min. Martin Chudý odchytal celý duel, Jakub Považanec hrál do 65. min, Lukáš Štětina a Róbert Koval (všichni Dukla) nehráli.

Plzeň – Příbram 5: 2 – Matúš Kozáčik absolvoval celý duel, Patrik Hrošovský a Marián Čišovský (všichni Plzeň) nehráli.Marián Kelemen a Tomáš Hájovský (Příbram) absolvovali celý duel.

Slavia Praha – Slovácko 1: 3 – Matej Rakovan za domácích nechytal. Tomáš Košút odehrál celý duel, Patrik Šimko a Juraj Semanko (všichni Slovácko) nenastoupili.

Sparta Praha – Bohemians 1905 Praha 1: 1 – Ivan Schranz ani Juraj Chvátal (oba Sparta) nenastoupili. Ivan Lietava hrál od 76. min, Lukáš Pauschek, Matouš Mikuš, Pavel Čičmany a Martin Cseh (všichni Bohemians 1905) nehráli.

Teplice – Hradec Králové 1: 3 – Martin Kuciak, Martin Nosek a ani Juraj Křižka (všichni Hradec Králové) nehráli.MAĎARSKO

Pécs – Nyíregyháza 2: 1 – Juraj Halenár absolvoval první poločas, Igor Žofčák (oba Nyíregyháza) byl vystřídán v 86. min.

Újpest – Kecskemét Bet365 online bonus 3: 0 – Dávid Hudák (Újpest) absolvoval celý duel. Tomáš Tujvel odchytal celý duel, Dominik Fótyik (oba Kecskemét) nehrál.

Halada – Akademie Ference Puskásovi 3: 0 – Ľuboš Hajdúch a ani Zoltán Harsányi (oba Akademie F.Puskásovi) nehráli.

Honvéd – Pápa 2: 0 – mouhamadou seye nehrál, Marián Sluka (oba Pápa) absolvoval celý zápas a dostal žlutou kartu.

Paks – Dunaújváros 2: 1 – Peter Molnár (Paks) odchytal celý zápas.

Debrecín – Győr 5: 0 – Jaroslav Cellar odchytal celý duel, Sinan Medgyesi (oba Győr) hrál do 69. min. POLSKO

Bielsko-Biala – Cracovia Krakov 0: 3 – Michal Peškovič, Pavel Staňo a Róbert Demjan absolvovali celý zápas, Kristián Kolčák, Anton Svoboda, Richard Zajac a Róbert Mazáň (všichni Bielsko-Biala) nehráli. Staňo dostal žlutou kartu. Erik Jendrišek (Cracovia) hrál do 71.min.

Kielce – Glivice 2: 1 – Csaba Horváth absolvoval celý zápas, dobrivoj rusov a Matej Ižvolt (všichni Glivice) nenastoupili.

Leczna – Ruch Chorzów 0: 1 – Patrik Mráz a Lukáš Bieľak odehráli celý duel, Miroslav Božok (všichni Leczna) nehrál. Mráz dostal žlutou kartu. Matúš Putnocký (Chorzów) odchytal celý zápas a dostal žlutou kartu.

Vroclav – Gdaňsk 1: 0 – Róbert Pich odehrál celý duel, Miloš Lačný nehrál, Peter Grajciar (všichni Vratislav) nastoupil v 61. min.

Bialystok – Zabrze 3: 2 – Martin Baran (Bialystok) nehrál. Roman Gergel a Erik Grendel odehráli celý zápas, Róbert Jež (všichni Zabrze) hrál do 76. min.Gergel a Jež dostali žlutou kartu, Grendel si dal vlastní gól.

Legia Varšava – Wisla Krakov 1: 0 – Dušan Kuciak odchytal celý duel, Ondrej Duda (oba Legia) hrál do 65. min. RUSKO

Spartak Moskva – Perm 3: 3 – Martin Jakubko (Perm) nehrál.

Dynamo Moskva – FK Krasnodar 1: 1 – Tomáš Hubočan (Dinamo) nehrál.

Kuban Krasnodar – Arsenal Tula 5: 1 – Ján Mucha a Lukáš Tesák (oba Tula) absolvovali celé utkání.

Zenit Petrohrad – Lokomotiv Moskva 1: 0 – Ján Ďurica (Lokomotiv) nehrál. RAKOUSKO

AC Wolfsberger – Rapid Vídeň 0: 5 – Ján Novota (Rapid) odchytal celý duel.ŘECKO

Panathinaikos Atény – PAOK FC 2: 0 – Róbert Mak (PAOK) nehrál.

Asteras Tripoli – Atromitos 1: 0 – Tomáš Košický (Asteras) nechytal. DÁNSKO

Esbjerg – Vestsjaelland 2: 1 – Martin Dúbravka (Esbjerg) odchytal celý duel. RUMUNSKO

Bet365 poker bonus Universitatea Kluž – Steaua Bukurešť 0: 3 – Róbert Veselovský (Kluž) odchytal celý zápas. NORSKO

Rosenborg Trondheim – Tromsö 1: 1 – Tomáš Malec (Rosenborg) hrál od 83. min. TURECKO

Rizespor – Galatasaray Istanbul 1: 1 – Filip Hološko (Rizespor) hrál od 88. min.

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Bystrica defeated in the third round Nitra 6: 4, four goals scored Kafka

Banska Bystrica. In the third semifinal playoff match La Liga HC’05 Banská Bystrica defeated HK Nitra 6: 4 and reduce state wrestling series at 1: 2nd HC’O5 B. Bystrica – HC Bratislava 6: 4 (2: 1, 2: 2, 2: 1)

Rozhodcovia Kubuš, Lauff – M. Korba, Rovenský, excluding 2: 3, 2 power play 0, shorthanded 0: 0, 2 850 spectators. Status of series 1 second

A great atmosphere in the stadium both teams roused to great militancy.Especially domestic, which for family reasons was missing captain Martin Hudec and certain distance, they needed such as salt, a defeat that would have zabalancovala with them over the precipice, can not admit, and perhaps because home mastered excellently.

The hero of the match Kafka cast up Vink after just 75 seconds when he was defense guests criminally between the circles odsabotovala, and opened a brilliant account of the match.

The first and the second period was downright Kafka, in 13 minutes you could see that the next time he indulged in the power play and happiness, and vice versa, Kristan enjoyed unlucky with recalcitrant puck that he fell into the net. Nitrania too Kalemba in the goal endanger, in 7 minutes on it foundered Stümpel J. Ručkay shortly goal just wide.Segľa until the 19th minute skillfully encircles goal and slid the puck into the net.

After the break, enjoyed a perfect moment of glory Kafka in 22 minutes again on the power play surprise Cristannus and his hat-trick embellished and some baseball caps on ice. Even if no one knew that yet say the last word in the 28th minute again repeatedly hit in the raid in the left Vink and drove Cristannus the goal. Above the nitrile is zmrákalo, the chance is not used as the 30 minutes of power play J. Ručkay which the water to the mill power’baranov’ truly inspirational.

After 36 min, however, he found Tománek front of the net past the free LNovak, Nitrania reduced to a difference of two goals and vykresali can still hope for a turnaround, all the more so when 23 seconds before the horn J. Ručkay in the crush directed the puck into the goal by Milo.

The third period started domestic power play and a great opportunity Handlovská, but the puck well before emptying gate missed, so I had to wait for a goal in 43 minutes. The renumbering not waste Lunter beautiful pass Ziga, only pity for’baranov’ that about a half minutes later Lelkeš ago wickets again fell to the difference in the game.

After 47 min M. Novák had a hockey stick equalizing goal, and Tomanek power play at 52 and two minutes later.At the very end they have home viewers vytlieskali victory power play yet minute before the end turned out accident-prone a Matoušek hit 53 seconds before conclusions empty net.

Serena Williamsová walks in the thirteenth title

BRATISLAVA. Serena Williamsová can win Wimbledon for the fourth time. The world number one as the only withstand attacks under vyzývateliek. Other favoritky the neprebojovali even the semifinals. In it, the world number one defeated Czech Petra Kvitova surprise. High lefty he could only resist the Taj counterattack initial set.

„It was against Peter tough match, but I’m glad I still have the ability to proceed to the grand final,” said the American

Serena, compared for example with Federer keeps their performance constantly for a big tournament, except you can only Roland Garros.Clay was always on, playing an aggressive Williams, least favorite surface. „The important thing is that I am healthy and do not have to look for motivation, in addition, I want my game to pull even less grueling,” she continued year-old tennis player for The Times.

Hard to find weaknesses in the game Serena Williams. At this year’s Wimbledon lose or set and the game has major weaknesses. stably holds administration and as good plays forehand and beckhand. In the quest for the thirteenth title it will want to stop Vera Zvonarevová. „with Vera we played a lot of dramatic matches in the finals have nothing to lose, but it also me, „said Williams.Mutual final balance súperiek is 5: 2 for American tennis player. Vera Zvonarevová advanced to the final of the first Grand Slam career

Zvonareva already belonged in the past years the great talent of women’s tennis, but could not be adequately enforce better known in Russia Deer Dementieva, Marii Šarapovovej and to Svetlana Kuznetsova.

Twenty-five tennis player has reached the first Grand Slam final until the tenth professional season.Although last year she starred in the beginning of the season when he reached the Australian Open semifinals and was in fifth position, is currently 21.

At the All England Club grass but confirmed the very good form. Gradually he discarded Jelena Jankovic, Kim Clijstersovú in the semifinals and the biggest surprise of the tournament Bulharka Cvetanu Pironkova. „In the final I have to play aggressive, it just gives me a chance to succeed. Serena may not venture into the pressure, then you are lost, „said the Russian, who plays on the London grass attractive attacking tennis.Although against Pironkova lost the opening set, but played a total of 35 winning blows and the network had only 29 of the 35 successful haunches.

The final women’s singles on the agenda today Saturday, July 3rd at 16.00, he sends a Czech Nova Sport.

Austrálie crush West Indies rezistence na den tři Boxing Day testu

Steve Smith a Usman Khawaja připsal poloviční století rozdrtit vzdorný West Indies protiútok, tlačí australský své vedení na impozantních 459 běží na konci třetího dne druhého testu v pondělí.

Bet365-Další informace

Tato dvojice je složený 79-run stand temperované západní Indii náladu poté, co jejich nadhazovači vzal časné branky v důsledku nějakého Doughty tail-end odpalování u Melbourne kriketové Ground.Australia v západní Indii: třetí den Boxing Day testu – Bet365-Podrobný popis live! Čtěte více

Po Khawaja je výpověď pro 56, Smith a Bet365-Získej bonus právě teď Mitchell Marsh veden Austrálii až 179 pro tři na pařezy v nádherné sluníčko.

Wimbledon solved the incident. Romanian Hanescu tilted towards the audience

LONDON. It seems that the kurt číslo 18 on this year’s Wimledone attracts attention perhaps even more than the famous center court. American Isner was here three days stretched on progress with the French tennis player Mahuta, on Friday for a change in the lead role introduced Victor Hănescu. Hanescu spat towards the spectators

In the original report published on the website Oficální third Grand Slam of the year, although said that Romanians gave duel 3rdwheels for health problems (foot), but ultimately it was all different.

Tridsaťjednotka the tournament could not cope with the fact that part of the audience was not too inclined to his side, and cries regular lowing vyvádzali player of concentration.

Even so, it’s the score 2: 2 in sets and 2: 0 in favor of the German opponent Daniel Brands has collapsed, he spat towards intolerant viewers. Then visibly frustrated all gem in its submission odsabotoval and sent all the balls play. That was the end of the match, whereas for him, 28-year-old tennis player decided to resign. Ratty tennis player has to pay 15,000 lbs

„Someone in the audience said anything. We do not know what it was.The player’s side was followed by a whistle and blasphemy. According to the rules, it was a non-sporting behavior after which the end of the match must follow, „Wimbledon’s spokesman explained.

The police soon came to the police, which detained four supporters, but they later denounced them. , That they have nothing to do with the unpleasant event.

Paradox is that Hanescu was close to the semifinals, but he did not use four mecbals and then it grew up with him.Already in the middle of the fourth round, the main referee, Kim Craven He complained about the pain of his leg, asked for the translation of the match on Saturday, he did not answer.

The tennis player repeated his request later.Again unsuccessfully. Perhaps also because not end after early taste or mood Craven situation to deal with.

match has ended and the result 7: 6, 6: 7, 6: 7, 3: 6, 0: 3rd Despite the incident, several of his present behavior to justify „Some drunken spectators shouted to him that is weak,” he agreed the more.

The case has obviously started to deal with organizers who tennis player granted a financial fine of 15,000 lbs.

Born in Bucharest, you must pay 7,500 lbs for unsportsmanlike conduct and the same amount for „lack of evidence of sufficient effort of the game at the end of Friday’s meeting.”The player now has 10 days to appeal against the punishment, says the agency SITA.

Kližan: I’m half Romanians, it will be fun

BRATISLAVA. Slovak team leader at the forthcoming important meetings of the 2nd round I.euroafrickej zone of the Davis Cup against Romanians in Constanta (17 to 19 7) should be Martin Kližan.

In particular, it will determine whether to Slovakia in the Black Sea resort will fight the chance to play in September play-off to participate in the global group of the most prestigious team competition in tennis.

is foreseen, with the Slovak unit and global tridsaťosmička Kližan victorious in both their singles and is now easier to add a decisive third point of the second singlistovi or ideally already a pair in Saturday’s doubles.

„The pressure I have used, we’re going there to win.Clay is my favorite surface, I think all the cards to play for us, „said Martin Kližan before Sunday’s departure to Romania. Asked if he knows anticipated Romanian opponents in singles Marius Copila and Adrian Ungur, he answered with both already played

„Yes, with both I have played. I remember one victory over Ungur (final Challenger in Marrakech 2012: 3: 6, 6: 3, 6: 0 – Ed. SITA), but lost to Copil (q Challenger Geneva 2013: 3: 6, 1: 6) . Romanians have a particularly unpleasant doubles, and therefore we have to take in singles.On clay is all open. „

Kližan admitted that unfortunate lost in the first round of the Wimbledon an experienced Spaniard Fernando Verdasco in a four drama 6: 4, 2: 6, 3: 6, 7: 6 ( 5) 11:13 nerozhodila him.

Change the transition from grass to clay is easier for him than it should be the opposite, that is, from the slowest to the fastest surface.

„from grass to clay it tends to be a half week to week, until the man gets into it, out of clay to grass it takes longer for me also at least two weeks.It is good that we are together more potrénovali at home before leaving for Romania, „said Klizan.

The winner of three tournaments on the ATP World Tour St. Petersburg (2012 Munich 2014 Casablanca 2015) Smiling added that the looking forward to the turbulent atmosphere in Tenis Clube IDU, which will be the venue of the match. He is also a reason in addition. His grandfather is a Romanian

„the home will scream, but also about me. I was in fact half Romanian, my great grandfather was there. Certainly it will be fun, I look forward to it, „he said in a good mood Kližan.

Clash of the Romania – Slovakia draw lots on Thursday in the hotel Vega, where Slovaks live.Slovak captain had before drawing lots available to a quintet of players: Martin Kližan, Norbert Gombos, Andrej Martin Igor Zelenay and debutant Jozef Kovalík.

Romanian Chief executive team Andrei Pavel can rely on Adrian Ungur Marius Copila a great deblistov Horia Tecaua and Florin Mergea.

Romanian Tennis Federation (FRT) announced that a ticket for a day is 50 leiov (the equivalent of about 11 euros) and tickets to events 120 leiov complete (about 27 euros).

Play will be at the club IDU balls Dunlop Fort Clay Court.Friday’s program (two singles) starts at 12.00 CEST, Saturday’s (doubles) at 14.00 am CET and Sunday’s (two singles), 12.00 CEST. Range Master will Spaniel Poncho Ayala, empajrovým his fellow Nacho Forcadell.

Rio Ferdinand mluví Twitter: ‚Musíš mít na paměti, co říkáš‘

Rio Ferdinand se rozhodl, že odvolání jeho tři herní odpružení a 25.000 liber pokutu od fotbalového svazu na zprávy, že vyslané na Twitteru v září.

„Neviděl jsem smysl v tom to , Úspěšnost o odvolání na tyto typy kárných panelů je téměř nulová.Nechtěl jsem vidět sám sebe dostat hry odebrány: to, že právě prodloužit záležitost, tak jsem štiplavý to v zárodku,“řekl Ferdinand, který se ve svém projevu na summitu technologií Web konferenci v Dublinu dnes odpoledne <. / p>

Během rozhovoru na pódiu, byl požádán, co se dozvěděl od záležitosti, která zahrnovala řadu s uživateli Twitteru termínu převodu den. „Musíš si vybrat vaše chvíle!“ Řekl Ferdinand.

„Problém je, že někdy, že jste doma, jste ztratili zápas, sedíte tam a ty jsi vypadající ačkoli vašeho kanálu Twitter, Bet365-Bonus ihned po registraci a jste opravdu frustrovaní. Ztratil jste hru hrajete odpadky…a vy prostě vidět několik tweety, které přicházejí,“řekl.

„”To je zvláštní, že člověk Bet365 poker bonus je zvláštní, že to mi dává trochu hole, to je legrační, když si dávat mě držet, že se vrátí znovu! Jdu ho vypnout.‘ Vždy jsem si to pravé, a já zavřel ho a on dostane Tweet přeposlán a má otevřít nový účet, protože se dostane zničen.“

Ferdinand řekl, že výše pokuty a pozastavení připomněl mu dávat větší pozor na Twitteru. „Musíš mít na paměti to, co říkáte, a když to říkáte.Normálně jsem docela dobrý na to,“řekl.

Ferdinand řekl, že jeho Twitter účet byl‚největší věc v mém arzenálu‘, pokud jde o brždění na‚karikaturu‘, který má pocit, že je to byly zastoupeny v médiích.

„Teď, když jsem se mluvit s lidmi na ulici, říkají mi: zpětnou vazbu jsem si je‚vy jste jiný typ člověka‘,“ řekl, než řešení problému kritiky novináři.

„Oni malovat ten obraz a uvidíte karikaturu z vás vyvíjet.A vy sedět myšlení ‚woah, vy mě neznáte‘,“řekl. „Abyste mohli mít tuto příležitost a platformu, na sociální média, to je důvod, proč jsem ji přijal.“

Ferdinand připustil, že on čelil rasistické urážky a další obsah na Twitteru, a řekl, že přivítá více snahy sociálních sítí, aby zakročilo proti nejhorším pachatelů.

„Pokud je Twitter, Facebook, atd najdete ve vzdálenosti sledování, že to by bylo skvělé. Bude to těžké, ale bylo by to fantastické,“řekl. „Říkám lidem, pokud nechcete mít hroší kůži, nechoď tam…jste právě dostali na prach ho.“

Řekl používá negativitu na Twitteru jako‚palivo‘pro jeho kariéru, včetně záznamníky kritiky, ať už pravidelné fanoušci nebo celebrit sparring partneři jako Piers Morgan.

„Když vyhrajete ligu, to je, když jsem na Twitteru a Facebooku!“ Řekl. Rio Ferdinand na jevišti na summitu konferenci Web. Fotografie: Stuart Dredge pro Guardian

Ferdinand řekl, že věří, Twitter změnil způsob, jakým novináři ho příliš vnímat. „Schopnost mluvit a komunikovat po celou dobu a zapojit se s lidmi: je to jen ukazuje realer stranu vás, a oni si tě pochopit,“ řekl

„Může to být těžké místo. bylo v době, když jste ztratil a nehrajete dobře.To je, když jed začne vyjde…Problém se sociálními médii je, pokud jste impulzivní, nechoď tam. Musíš být schopen ovládat sám sebe.“

Ferdinand mluvil o digitální verzi svého časopisu # 5, který získal potlesk jako aplikace. „To se mi opravdu nastaven platformu, aby mohli myslet na další fázi svého života po fotbalu,“ řekl. „Tím, že mě to otevřelo na spoustu dalších věcí.“

Také řekl, že Roy Keane byl velký vliv na jeho kariéru, od okamžiku, kdy byl zařval ven Keane pro není přihrávat dopředu v tréninku časné.

„myslel jsem,‚ten chlap je blázen!Je to fajn, jak se s tímto chlápkem každý den chovám? „Řekl. „Ale uvědomil jsem si, že musíte mít šanci, a tak jsem nakonec skončil svou kariéru, a ne jenom hrát jednoduchý míč Garymu [Nevillovi] nebo muži, který je vzdálen 10 metrů.”

Ferdinand řekl, že by se chtěl dostat do vedení, i když připustil, že se někdy zajímá, zda má nádech na tlak, a to na základě sledování svého současného šéfa na QPR Harry Redknapp. Harry občas tváří a myslí si: „Nepotřebuji to!” Ale myslím, že bych si užívala lidí. V posledních dvou letech jsem měl tři manažery: Ferguson, Moyes a Harry Redknapp.. Bylo to skvělý dva roky, pokud jde o učení“

Zpět na technologii, Ferdinand varoval před příliš spoléhat na statistiky v řízení fotbalu:‚Musíš mít dobrou rovnováhu,‘řekl chválili inteligentní využívání údajů s cílem zlepšit oblasti jako tréninkové rutiny, zatímco říká statistiky by neměli řídit všechno.

„na konci dne, můžete získat míč z bodu A do bodu B?“

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Mecir Latvians voted against Lacko, Klizan, Martin and Mertinak

BRATISLAVA. Quartet tennis players Lukáš Lacko (96th in the world ranking ATP), Martin Kližan (106), Andrej Martin (148), Michal Mertiňák (91 in deblových position) figures in the Slovakia squad for the match 1st round 1 of the Euro- African zone of the Davis Cup against Latvia

the game is played Jan. 31 to Feb. 2 on a hard surface DecoColor in Bratislava NTC.Will come Gulbis

In the expected nomination of Latvia are Ernests Gulbis (24) Andis Juska (457), Martins Podzus (654), Mikelis Libietis (702) a Janis Podzus (1082).

Introductory Friday’s singles will start at 15.00, Saturday’s doubles is at 14.00 and end at 13.00 Sunday’s singles.

Lacko during the Grand Slam tournament Australian Open came back, but in early duel with Latvia should be fit.

„I have tried from Melbourne to fly home as soon as possible and deal with the people who care about my back last year.It turned out that this is fortunately not in such bad shape as last year, „said Lacko.

” Today I started some exercises, loosening it and within a week I would like to start with tennis. I hope to Milos available. I do not remember that I ever played against Latvians in mutual matches. Juška has been playing less tournaments and focus more on team Friendlies, „said Lacko.

” It may not be so concentrated the whole duel, which we can use. S Gulbisom I trained a few years ago, he’s a devious player. Able to play, good games, but also it tends to have weaker days.Will depend on how much it will mood and how the servo, „said Lacko. Kližan is prepared for the doubles

Martin Kližan on Monday evening returned to Bratislava after a successful appearance at the Australian Open, where both” lucky loser „advanced to the third round of singles. After the tournament returns to the first world hundreds, which will replace the position of Slovak Lacko units

” I am pleased that the cooperation with coach Martin Damm beginning to bear fruit. Month lasted until we got used to each other, but now it’s been really good.Against the Latvians have a good chance to win at home and I believe that we will use it, „said Klizan.

” If you will give me a chance Milos, I’m ready to take well in doubles. Debla I have played with Mert, Lukas Lacko and Igor Zelënaya, last year I was in the Croatian Umag, won the doubles tournament. „

The main referee of the match will Briton Tom Klinloch, in the role empajrových arbitrators will feature Polish girl Gabriela Dalogová a Slovák Michal Varmus. Last beat Sweden

ward captain Miloslava Mečířa last year for the fifth consecutive time managed to „rescue” work when, in September the 1st round of the playoff to participate in the firstgroup of Euro-African zone beat the NTC Sweden 3: 2nd

Two points are deserves Lacko, third added Martin. The history of the Davis Cup will be a first mutual match between Slovak and Latvia.