Piestany used the home environment, the Poprad season ends

PIEŠŤANY – Both teams entered the match with maximum focus. Only in the 12th minute he had the opportunity to open the Saliji score, but Masalskis had his shot from the intersection. In 15 minutes, the home team caught up with a hard shot of Skadar from the blue line flowing just ahead of goalkeeper Hamrak – 1: 0.

At the beginning of the second part, there was a big chance to increase Lušňák’s lead, but Masalskis did not stop. In the 30th minute he found himself before Šulek Lapšanský, but he failed.Podtatranci tried to change the status of the meeting, but the home team had a good defense of the defensive and the midfield, so in the second part the goal did not fall.

In the third third, the home was focused on defending. In 50 minutes, the goalie Pišťan shattered Sýkora. In the 52nd minute, the home players had the advantage of a power play, after Melicharka’s co-operation with Nemcom scored Mišura – 2: 0. Poprad in the 56th minute called from the goal Masalskis, but the turn of the meeting did not work, home Lušňák adjusted to the final 3: 0 to the abandoned sanctuary. Domestic ravens won in the 4: 1 series and moved to the semifinals.

Goals: 15. Hamrak (Škadra, Stupka), 53. Mišura (Nemec, Melichárek), 57.Lušňák (Melichárek, Peško). They decided: Jonák, Mullner – Tvrdoň, Trip, exclusion: 2: 3, in addition Kroták (Poprad) to 10 + DKZ for unsportsmanlike behavior, power play: 1: 0, weakness: 0: 0 > ŠHK 37 Piešťany: Šúrek – Filip, Drgoň, Brňák, Rais, Bučák, Skadra, Cuník, Biro – Lušňák, Peško, Saliji – Nemec, Mišura, Melichárek –

Roman Sýkora (Assistant to Coach Piešťan): „We wanted to make it today, we expected the pressure of Poprad, but in the first third we were lucky but I think from the second third we were a better team, and the breakthrough moment was definitely used to play the game, the third goal was just the cherry on the cake.I would like to thank the guys as they did a good defensive performance in the fourth match and did not even once again. We are looking forward to the semifinals. „

Milan Jančuška (coach of Poprad): ” Even today we knew that a good defensive play from Piešťany . We wanted to find a path to the goal, which we did not succeed at last. The decisive games in my game were also in my game. We did not use ours even though we had some good chances in them. On the contrary, the home side scored a crucial second goal, which put us on his knees. I am very disappointed, but I have to admit that we did not have the optimal form in the key part of the season. We have not scored a goal in the last two games so we can not win or pass.Congratulations to your opponent for progress. „