Uncompromising Murray about Sharapova: You donated and cheated. You must sneak

For the doping scandal of Marie Sharapova, Andy Murray has no understanding. Following his move to the second round of the Queen’s Club tournament, he reiterated the strenuous case and did not spare the five-time grandslam winner. „My opinion on the whole case has not changed, Maria has to be responsible and punished for her actions,” says World Two.

„I have said this several times. Maria in the games won the advantage over the rivals by helping a forbidden cloth, it is up to the responsible people to decide whether or not the two years of punishment they received is enough, but my opinion is clear, „says the Olympic champion.

„This can not be an excuse.If you take any medication, you have full responsibility for what’s going on in your body and whether it’s legal or not. Your doctor must tell you if it’s just a online free bets harmless vitamin or medicine. This is a fundamental difference.

The Scottish tennis player, in his words, would not have given his management control of the drugs he used, as was the case with the Russian tennis player, which has become Sharapova’s fatal. P>

Sharapova’s drug needed

Russian agent Max Eisenbud, who was in control over the drugs used, Sharapova before meldonium who appeared on the list of prohibited substances 1.He did not warn because he was seriously dealing with private problems at the time and did not look at the updated list.

When I have some health problems, Sure, „says a Scottish tennis player.

And Murray Sharapov does not spare anymore. „Maria did not need her cure, she was taking it because she helped her in matches and not just for the primary purpose it was intended for, and it was an advantage to use during the games, and that’s simply wrong.” „It is not right for me to judge Mary, and there are others.Responsible persons have to decide whether Maria can play and participate in the Olympic Games as it seeks. „Andy Murray is not the only one to go into the sharp criticism of the double-edged French Open winner, Roger has recently come up with a harsh word,” says a Scottish tennis player. Federer (See here & gt; & gt; & gt;)

The final verdict over Sharapova should be issued online betting free bet by the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS) by July 18th.