William sent his most important goals to his father to heaven

BRATISLAVA. The winner of the fourth-round domestic play-off meeting in Bilbao’s European League Cup was William Alves de Oliveira.

„It was the most important game of my life and the most important goals I shot, and I also had the honor to fight against the best opponent I remember,” he said after an interesting and dramatic duel in the mix 23-year offensive universal (Born 7 December 1991).

„The trainer has sent me on the pitch to take advantage of the opportunities offered when they occur,” the Brazilian continued in his narrative.

At 77.Min, Jelic with Bénes had an excellent position, William routed himself on the Athletica Iag Herrer’s goalie and settled with no difficulty after the „hockey” bluff.

„I was waiting for Bilbao to score and I tried to shake him, and when he went to one side, I used him and I scored a bit,” said a native of Juiz de Fora.

When it seems that the duel under Dubň will not have a winner, William’s „again” came over at the time when he was overpowering the ball.

„I was a horn, a scrum and I do not know how I managed to score, I’m glad that the ball got behind the line, and what did I think?” I thanked God for it. A year ago and three months ago, my dad died and I’ve been sending him all the time to the skies to shoot.”Alice de Oliveira has been active in Slovakia since the beginning of 2013. He then came from Botafogo to Trencin, Brazil. , Who led the helm Adrián Guľa.

After joining the year, he moved to Žilina in January 2014, when he agreed with the leadership of MSK on the conditions of the contract for three years.

They joined together.

The Brazilian footballer has become a žilinský joker two weeks ago 6.August set a goal in the last second of an extension in Poltava and a 1: 3 reduction in the MSK’s advance through Ukrainian Vorskl to the playoffs EL, now two hits, one of which, in the end, pleased more than 10,000 fans in terms of the Zilina stadium and others On TV screens.

„I work on myself every day. When I get to the opportunity, I try to use them,” he told his recipe after meeting William.

And on margo the word joker stated: „The coach decides about the team and I respect it and respect his decision, whether or not I will take it in the basic assembly. Always on coach whom he builds.I do not think it’s a problem to come to the pitch as a substitute player. „

The modestly active and smiling South American striker or winger in the Jilin jersey did not want a 3: 2 win to evaluate MŠK’s chances before a weekend retaliation with Athletic on August 27 At 20.45 h at the San Mamés stadium in Bilbao.

„First I want to focus on the Sunday league match against Senica. Only then will I start thinking about our retaliation in the European League. I will not estimate the percentage chances of both teams progressing to the group stage. It’s hard to tell who’s gotten closer. I leave it to fate, „concluded William Alves de Oliveira.