Wimbledon solved the incident. Romanian Hanescu tilted towards the audience

LONDON. It seems that the kurt číslo 18 on this year’s Wimledone attracts attention perhaps even more than the famous center court. American Isner was here three days stretched on progress with the French tennis player Mahuta, on Friday for a change in the lead role introduced Victor Hănescu. Hanescu spat towards the spectators

In the original report published on the website Oficální third Grand Slam of the year, although said that Romanians gave duel 3rdwheels for health problems (foot), but ultimately it was all different.

Tridsaťjednotka the tournament could not cope with the fact that part of the audience was not too inclined to his side, and cries regular lowing vyvádzali player of concentration.

Even so, it’s the score 2: 2 in sets and 2: 0 in favor of the German opponent Daniel Brands has collapsed, he spat towards intolerant viewers. Then visibly frustrated all gem in its submission odsabotoval and sent all the balls play. That was the end of the match, whereas for him, 28-year-old tennis player decided to resign. Ratty tennis player has to pay 15,000 lbs

„Someone in the audience said anything. We do not know what it was.The player’s side was followed by a whistle and blasphemy. According to the rules, it was a non-sporting behavior after which the end of the match must follow, „Wimbledon’s spokesman explained.

The police soon came to the police, which detained four supporters, but they later denounced them. , That they have nothing to do with the unpleasant event.

Paradox is that Hanescu was close to the semifinals, but he did not use four mecbals and then it grew up with him.Already in the middle of the fourth round, the main referee, Kim Craven He complained about the pain of his leg, asked for the translation of the match on Saturday, he did not answer.

The tennis player repeated his request later.Again unsuccessfully. Perhaps also because not end after early taste or mood Craven situation to deal with.

match has ended and the result 7: 6, 6: 7, 6: 7, 3: 6, 0: 3rd Despite the incident, several of his present behavior to justify „Some drunken spectators shouted to him that is weak,” he agreed the more.

The case has obviously started to deal with organizers who tennis player granted a financial fine of 15,000 lbs.

Born in Bucharest, you must pay 7,500 lbs for unsportsmanlike conduct and the same amount for „lack of evidence of sufficient effort of the game at the end of Friday’s meeting.”The player now has 10 days to appeal against the punishment, says the agency SITA.